Friday, 19 June 2009

My television drama ‘SPOOKS’ essay:
In this essay I am going to be analysing an episode clip from the television drama ‘Spooks’ on the BBC channel entitled, 'Talking Him Down'. I’m also going to be exploring the representation on MI5 and terrorism through Mise-en-scene, cinematography and sound. The definition of the word representation is when the media re-present and construct an image of people, places and events.

This episode of ‘Spooks’ constructs a representation of terrorism as the man in the clip is holding a target gun, wearing thick black clothing and aiming the gun directly at a man walking around in a building across the way from him. Firstly, at the beginning of the episode it begins with ‘Shoot him’, showing a very strong in control order by the man who is talking even though there is a woman behind him who looks very dominant, looking almost like she is the boss of him. You can see this because she is standing behind him watching, almost looking over to make shall he is giving the correct instructions and information. The man given the orders is close to the camera, however the women is in a long shot behind him to the right. Suddenly the image changes and another man comes on who is also working for MI5, we know this because he is holding a gun and talking to the man in which has just been shown. When this change happens the sound becomes louder, however this man looks nervous. After, there is a image of a man dressed in black clothing, unshaved and holding a gun targeting to someone. This is a long shot, with black wire fencing connoting that this man that could be thought to be a terrorist may feel trapped. Next there is a circler motion of the camera which shows that these two men a talking on top of a city with many buildings, during this the sun seems to be in the corner of the screen. There is then a extreme close shot of what we believe is the terrorists hand on the gun, connoting he may feel anxious to shoot. There is then a camera angle which looks as if it is the gun target following a man in the next building away. The metal bars behind the terrorist which are holding the wire up is in shape of a cross connoting that this man holding a gun may be religious and the act in which he is doing may be out of character for him.

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