Thursday, 30 April 2009

Waterloo Road!


Waterloo Road is a BBC television drama series set in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England and is about a troubled comprehensive school. The programme focuses on teachers and students, and confronts social issues, including affairs, abortion, divorce and suicide. The Target Audience for Waterloo Road is teenagers and adults aged roughly between 20-60 but teenagers relate to these problems in the series more. Waterloo Road comes on every Wednesday at 8.00pm - 9.00pm. It follows the lives of individual teachers and students with societies everyday current issues. The drama is set in a secondly school; the first series was made in 2005 and readyto be put on air in 2006. The series Waterloo Road wasn't very popular when it first came out but as time went on it became consistently popular and they are now continuing forward with series 5. The main location for Waterloo Road Comprehensive is the former Hill Top Primary School in Rochdale, England. As well as external shots, the internal views of the school used in the series have also been filmed inside Hill Top. Other locations used include areas in and around Rochdale and nearby Manchester. I like watching Waterloo Road because the way they show everyday issues is clever and well thought out. I also like it because it's set in a surroundings similar to my school and filmed around teenagers my age!!!

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